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05/04/2014Video Channel
Video Channel

The video channels is some of Phil Willetts artwork. All online video channels are available on Phil's youtube video channel.  They range from sample art works to how to paint in different mediums including his tips and techniques . If you would like to know more or would like Phil to create a vi..

05/04/2014Ordering a Commission
Ordering a Commission

When you want to commission Phil for some artwork, in the first instance please email Phil at with details or a picture of what you would like to be painted/drawn. Phil will then contact you via the telephone to discuss in full detail your exact r..

07/03/2014How to paint a tree in winter using water colour
How to paint a tree in winter using water colour

Here I have created a short video of about 15 minutes on how we painted a tree in winter using water colour. Video can be viewed here:All my videos can be viewed at my blog:If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me. All my work can be viewed and purchased at my website

10/28/2015New video blog updates
New video blog updates

Recently released Painting tips and techniques the use of light and shade along with water colour painting palette on my youtube channel.  You can follow Phils work at or simple click here..

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