Pet Commissions

Portfolio of some of Phil's Pet Commissions.

Owning a work of art is a pleasurable, enjoyable experience. You may have previously purchased art or have been unsuccessful in finding that right piece. If so, why not commission a work direct from Phil Willetts.
Phil Willetts has been an artist most of his life and is skilled in all mediums from Oils, Acrylics to pen and inks. Your commission medium is your choice.  Recently he has been approached by a number of pet owners to paint their pet.  Since Phil has painted animals in the past and still has the painting of his families first dog he jumped at the chance.

Here we have put together some of those commissions. Hope you enjoy the work which Phil has created.


Marsha's Cat Photo   Marsha's Cat
Marsha's Cat a recent commission of a friend of the family's cat.  Marsha a true cat owner contacted Phil to see if he had time to paint her newest edition to the family.   The Commission was finished in October 2011 in acrylic with a size of 250mm x 380mm (10"x15"). To see the completed commission click here.
Barney Photo   Barney
Once again Phil was approached back in the summer to paint a clients pet dog.   Phil finished the commission in early September and with the permission of the client displays the finished article in Acrylic.  The over all canvas size is 360mm (14inch) x 460mm(18inch).  Click here to view the finished painting.
Max Photo   Max
A New commission of a clients pet dog who recently passed away. Captured in acrylic medium on canvas textured paper.   Phil finished the commission in December 2011.  Click here to view the finished painting.
There you have it, a selection of commissions from a number of different clients wanting their pets on canvas. We hope you like the selection and now have a feel for Phils art. Based in Blackwater near Truro in Cornwall Phil paints a wide range of great art. Simply email Phils team with your commission idea and let us do the rest.
For help regarding your commission call us on 01872 562 838 or go to our contact page.

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