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Portfolio of some of Phils commissions.

Owning a work of art is a pleasurable, enjoyable experience. You may have previously purchased art or have been unsuccessful in finding that right piece. If so, why not commission a work direct from Phil Willetts. Phil Willetts has been an artist most of his life and is skilled in all mediums from Oils, Acrylics to pen and inks. Your commission medium is your choice.

Here we have put together some of the commission work over that past 18 months from clients request. Hope you enjoy the work which Phil has created.

Engine House Engine House
Cornish Engine House Tin Mine near St Day.  Photo was taken by my son in Autumn last year. As you can see Phil created a great water colour and you can follow the process behind this painting at his blog.
westgate-photo West Gate Tower
Westgate Gardens overlooked by Westgate Tower, Canterbury, Kent. This photo was a request from a married couple who had their wedding photos at Westgate Tower. As you can see Phil created a great acrylic full of colour which the client was very pleased with.
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St George Clock Tower in Canterbury High-street was a request for an art exhibition at the University of Kent. Phil used pen & inks for this creation capturing a great piece of Canterbury's history on Bristol board paper.
Invoice SCAN 12
Sharbat Gula an Afghan woman who was the subject of a famous photograph by journalist Steve McCurry. Phil says his saw Steve McCurry photo and had to paint it. The Painting is done in Acrylic and is a sample portrait to show clients that Phil is not confined to any one medium as seen in this great portrait.
cathedrial-photo cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral from a distance was like the George Tower a request by the University of Kent for an art exhibition. Phil painted the Cathedral from a distance in Acrylic on canvas paper. This painting was a Hugh success and prints have been requested both in paper and canvas boards.
The Local The Local
The Local, a pub in Chartham that requested a Pen and Ink for their business. Here Phil used once again Pen & Ink on Bristol paper to Hugh success. . He gets lots of request for Pen & inks of clients homes. Considering the low cost why not e-mail Phil today your pen & ink request.
lou-picture Lou
The "Deck Chairs" was a clients request from a view they took while on holiday. Phil produced this medium in Acrylic on canvas board for the client. Since the creation of this commission a number of prints and greeting cards have been created for the client.
Sclhadming Sclhadming
Finally Schladming Austria, A hotel got in contact with us for a commission of their hotel situated right on the slopes. The Schladming hotel was transformed into this great watercolour and was finished off with a solid oak frame with a double mount boarder.
There you have it a wide selection of commissions from a number of different clients. We hope you like the selection and now have a feel for Phils art. Based in Blackwater near Truro in Cornwall Phil paints a wide range of great art. Simply email Phils team with your commission idea and let us do the rest. For help regarding your commission call us on 01872 562 838 or go to our contact page.

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